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Our sales department is composed of qualified Technical Sales prepared to offer customer support, technical advice and a comprehensive service covering any necessary element to ensure the success of any event.

Analyzing the particular needs of each client, making measurements, lifting of planes of the place where will perform the event, offering solutions with approaches and alternatives tailored to their specific needs, customizing your event and budget. In IBERSTAND all projects are processed and studied with the utmost dedication without taking into account their size.

Our Technical Sales perform an integral management, staying next to the client as a single partner. From the first contact through the various phases of production: design, technical development, production, implementation, delivery and post sale.


All the information collected by our Sales Managers is transmitted to our Technical Department, composed of engineers, designers and creatives, that by using advanced graphical techniques: CAD tools, graphic design and computer graphics 2D/3D (sketches/render) software; give shape to the ideas of our clients to clearly define their needs and make real their projects.

In the development of the studied project are taken into account several aspects:

  • Analysis of the briefing picked up by the Sales Managers.
  • Corporate image of our client.
  • Study of the type of product to expose.
  • Optimization of spaces, developing and considering different alternatives of distribution.
  • Application of the graphic image.

In the later stage of development, the documentation generated by the technical department ensures the efficiency of manufacturing and Assembly processes.


For manufacturing stands design and other decorative elements, we have in our facilities a carpentry and metalworking workshop with our own qualified staff, that together with other partners we can ensure the precise manufacture and construction of the project by offering a global service.

Our modular structures, after each Assembly and before being stored, are reviewed carefully proceeding to their cleaning, repair or replacement. We have a new and exclusive wash tunnel for the cleaning of our aluminum profiles, being in perfect condition and stored in their respective containers, ready to be installed in the next Assembly.

At the Logistics Department arrive the plans made by the technical department, where they quantify and develop the lists of materials required for the implementation of the project. These materials are classified and organized in containers labeled with detailed information of: event, destination, content and area of application according to plans.


The vast majority of the team of this company has its roots in the events industry on the assembly department.

From our beginnings at the end of the 80's, we have created specialized companies in assembly, as FIVEXPO, which is the source of all that we can offer now. And how could it be otherwise, is FIVEXPO with his extensive professional experience who is charged with the director, coordinator and team leaders, to make all assemblies with the support of a network of companies in which we participate and collaborate so that everything is done on time and established manner.

We offer a presential full maintenance during the event, in addition to the distance service 24 hours a day.


Since the beginning of the business activity of IberStand we were a company concerned by the security in the implementation of projects and for the safety of our workers.

Therefore we have own resources and qualified personnel to the effect for the integration of prevention, providing to our employees, partners and customers the tools necessary to a common purpose "ZERO ACCIDENTS".

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